Feedback from people attending Jill's Biodanza classes

At the age of sixty I decided I needed to get out and try new things before it got too late. Among these new things was discovering Biodanza Days run by Jill Goodwin at a charming village hall in the beautiful Quantock Hills in Somerset,on my first day of dancing i was very nervous i was sure i was going to make a complete fool of myself as I had never danced before and i assumed I had 2 left feet,gulp,but I was warmly welcomed and it did not take long to feel right at home with these lovely people. It is so easy to dance with no steps to learn and is just such a  joyful experience and over the last year it has become  a deeply moving and life enhancing/affirming rewarding practice. I just love it and have had many wonderful experiences from very soft and gentle that simply can not be put into words, but life changing and some are very powerful ones.

At the last but one dance we had just finished a vigorous dance and were slowly walking to self regulate, i watched one of our dancers come to a halt in front of a window bathed in sunlight she appeared to me as a picture of peace and contentment in that moment. I came to realise that age, gender, appearance does not matter in the least because here was a beautiful shining soul and i was deeply overcome,humbled and delighted to realise I was in a room full of shining souls.bliss

I now know this is something that all humans have and that Biodanza can lead us to connect on such a deep and wonderful way, if only we could get the whole world to dance Biodanza, the world would be a much better place for all of us and all its life. Tony Rudd


“I've been doing Biodanza now for five years or so and I feel so grateful I found it. I attend Jill's lovely weekly classes and her monthly day workshops. Biodanza brings me alive. It enables me to clear my mind and come into my body. It gives me the opportunity to drop so many of the defences which prevent me engaging fully in life. It enables me to make beautiful connections with other people and with myself. It has improved my confidence and self-esteem. Above all, it brings me joy.”
          ~ Valerie E.

"I have been biodancing for about 10 years. I love Biodanza, it makes me happy and connects me to my joyful child, it is a great way to connect with other lovely people. I have been going to Jill's dance classes for several years and can highly recommend her as a Biodanza teacher. She also helped train my daughter Tatanya, who is now teaching Biodanza in San Francisco."
          ~ Joanna Prentis, D.Hyp and Author.

"Biodanza has lifted me within. It has been a nurturing and sacred place to be amongst the most gentle people. It has allowed me through the music to express myself, bring all my emotions out to the surface, dance with feelings and only to the sound that resonates through me. It doesn’t matter how I look, how I dance, there is no judge just myself the watcher. I have cried my way through Biodanza sessions, but at the same time felt cradled in the arms of many. Yes Biodanza is the place to be! I miss so much the emotional connection of joining others, both able to give and to receive to all around me. I miss the whole sensitivity between my Biodanza friends and once enjoyed as I certainly have and will do again, it should become part of one's life. "
          ~ Alli Thomas (who is currently working abroad.)

"In Biodanza you’re free to be you, there’s no one judging you, it gives the opportunity to connect to the joy and the passion for life, which is within each and every one of us and for me it’s a deeply fulfilling experience that I love with a passion."
          ~ Jacqui Sandy

"Thank you so very much, Biodanza has allowed me to free my mind and set me free. I feel strong and liberated."
          ~ T.

"I didn't know quite what to expect when I attended my first Biodanza class with Jill.  I had a rough understanding, but felt I needed to experience it in person to really know what it was about.  The class involved moving to music – mainly South American rhythms and ‘World music’ in a sort of guided free expression.  Doing this allows you to really connect with your body, and get out of ‘living in your head’, which is a treat for me as I tend to be quite cerebral!  Allowing energy to flow through your body can, for some people, shift and release issues, which can be cathartic.  For me, the main benefit – apart from a bit of gentle exercise, is how I feel afterwards – an amazing combination of relaxed, yet energised.  I would recommend it – I have been a few times, and will go again.  Jill is an excellent teacher and very supportive and creates a wonderful class atmosphere.  If you fancy something a bit different and want to feel the benefits of ‘connecting with your body’, give it a go." ~M.B.

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