What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is named from bios - life and danza- integrated movement full of meaning, hence to dance with life! Biodanza brings people back to a life-centred principle of living.

Biodanza is the dance that cannot be explained in words to you, because it is unique and has to be experienced to be known. There are no set steps, but you are led through a pleasurable series of simple dances of organic movement to inspiring world music - rhythms and harmonies. So you leave with your spirit lifted, full of wellbeing, joy and harmony.

Created by Rolando Toro Araneda, Biodanza uses music, movement, expression and a sense of community to create a safe space for people to get more in touch with the joys of life. Biodanza creates unique intense, joyful experiences, known as vivencias. Vivencia also refers to being in the here and now, being fully present and alive. 

Inhibition and rigidity brought about by our social conditioning is released slowly at your own speed, bringing a wonderful sense of freedom and expansiveness.  Biodanza is progressive so with each vivencia we come closer to reclaiming our true selves, becoming more able to express ourselves authentically in vivencias and life.

We live in a high speed pressurised society which puts us under stress and we can end up living in hostility, anger, anxiety or fear which can lead to serious health problems and unhappy, difficult lives in the long run. We often live in densely populated areas becoming disconnected from nature and our communities. We tend to live in our heads, not in touch with our emotions and bodies. For this reason participants don’t talk in the vivencia.  So Biodanza helps the nervous system to come into balance, through joy, exhilaration and positive connection with others. We become more connected with our emotions and bodies. Just simply through using movement, music and gradually over time connecting with other people!

With Biodanza we learn to move with ease, joy and vibrancy building confidence, a greater sense of freedom, playfulness, personal power and open heartedness.  The movements are very simple with no set steps to learn, dancing within one’s own capabilities regardless of age, gender and fitness levels. There is a separate specialism of Biodanza for people under 18 years of age.

Biodanza increases our energy and motivation for life. It awakens our desires, helps us to bring more creativity, love, tenderness and friendship into our lives, feeling more connected with nature, humanity and the cosmos! Biodanza helps us to live in the moment, intensely, vibrantly, passionately and sweetly, reconnecting us with the fun loving life force of the child within.

Biodanza uses music from around the world and in particular Latin music from South America, pop and classical music. All the music is specially chosen for its emotional affect and is uplifting.

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